Sasalubungin natin ang kinabukasan
Ng walang takot at walang pangamba
Tadhana’y merong tip na makapangyarihan
Kung ayaw may dahilan
Kung gusto ay laging merong paraan

Post-module pre-practicals emotional eating

Lunch with the girls— exactly a week ago, before all the endless pouring of rain

Lost priorities— a few days and several exams away from sembreak.

My Apologies by Isbells
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I had love to give and it was meant for you

My Apologies, Isbells

Bistro Carcosa, finally.


By the sudden thud
A pulse awakened

After a long while, a sound
To every word you never said

Feelings, tiny little feelings
The spark, when skin to skin

We meet again


"Weekend tapos may community?! Leche."

On the days that I don’t have to go to school and/or study, all I want to do is just stay cocooned in my room and watch movies and TV shows for 24 hours nonstop.

But, I can’t do that. Technically, I can. But, I won’t.

Hence, the repetitive chanting in my head: I need to be social. I need to be social. I need to be social. I need want *shiver* to be social.

A few days and several more exams to go before the end of the first semester, I still know this: Despite learning varied complex phenomena in the heaviest books (literally and content-wise), there is still much to learn in people you meet and experiences only life can offer.

Huhu, repeat until forevz

Can’t caption this

Every girl’s best friend (aside from diamonds and her real best friends)

Medicine Week affirms how some of the best, most talented people I’ve ever met, I’ve met in med school
Team effort that went beyond the walls of Roxas Hall
That moment I went back on stage after a very, very long time
There are always people who are willing to ditch their normal sleeping patterns and/or to take the first flight home in order to support you (and to put eye make-up on you and to buy you not one but two dresses just in case and to give you donuts and to have lunch with you and to drive to school to let you borrow their shoes) in the weirdest things you choose to do

Med Week, 2014

Medweek Starters


I never thought I’d be able to find a copy this early in the Philippines. But, I did! Now, here’s another thing to look forward to after another med school hell week.

Love & Misadventure + Lullabies
by langleav

How can anyone feel so alone yet so loved at the same time?