Things I Did Today Instead Of Studying

x Not Studying
x Taking naps that I don’t need
x Telling myself that, “we accept the naps we think we deserve.”
x Updating the iOS and restoring my iPod
x And consequently, accidentally, stupidly deleting two years worth of idea notes for future novels, poems, and stories
x Cleaning my room
x Organizing my notes (that I have yet to reread)
x Almost updating the iOS and restoring my iPad
x Harassing my friends online to talk to me on Viber because I lost all my most of my Contacts
x And a lot more random stuff than I care to admit

Ok, back to my desk bye


For cloudy days, heavy rain, glistening streets, air travel, and the search for the boy with the yellow umbrella. Whether you’re staying in or heading somewhere, always have some sweater weather soundtrack with you.

Scarecrow Alex & Sierra
Bonfire Heart James Blunt
Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood
Silver & Gold Noah & The Whale
You & I John Legend
Seaside The Kooks
Raging Fire Phillip Phillips
Hello My Old Heart The Oh Hellos
Open Road Roo Panes
Landslide Dixie Chicks
First Day Of My Life Bright Eyes
Family Catey Shaw

Listen here x

"Whenever I’m with you, I feel like I don’t always have to chase the sun."

vscocam + Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav

The hungry kid inside got away last weekend.

Grateful to God for this long-awaited and well-deserved holiday. :)

Good music prevails.

the statistical probability of love at first flight

Law of Attraction

Can you feel the static
That exists
In the thirty centimeters
That come between us

If only I can measure
The electric potential
Between the fire in your eyes
And my automatic smile

If only I can predict
How long this will last
Or what will happen next
I would get over my fear

Of physics

You always notice the little things.

This is where it starts tonight
If you open up your heart tonight

Scarecrow, Alex & Sierra


Don’t apologize for knowing what you want in life when other people don’t. Don’t apologize for being happy when other people can’t. Don’t apologize for going after your dreams when other people won’t. Don’t apologize for being brave when other people aren’t.

Don’t apologize for wanting to shine because there are people who need that light.

Always make time for art.

It’s no secret how I’m easy to please. So, thank you to the collective effort of the universe: the meteorological gift of a sweater weather weekend, Lorene who surprised me early in the morning with her belated birthday gift, red velvet cake at midnight, alone time last Friday, my family who keeps getting me food, treks across town for highlighters, surprises from you, surprises for you from me, the good news after my 2-hour panic attack, and Class 2017 who decides to make our attendance sheet like some unicorn defecated rainbow poop all over it.

When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes. It is the only thing that makes us feel alive.
— Photograph, Ed Sheeran