Med school interludes

Rollercoaster by Bleachers
on Strange Desire
30 plays

Now I’m running
And I can’t stop anywhere I go
I think about it everyday and night
I can’t let go

Rollercoaster, Bleachers


This blog is always brimming with happy feel-good things and never in a million years would I want to disrupt its strict compliance to its own primary objective. However, inspired by my favorite bloggers who have been going through quarter-life crisis lately, I would also like to address the struggles and tribulations I’ve kept to myself (and those closest to me) and occasionally, to another extremely classified blog (from another platform) that only I know.

The lyrics go, “being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up.” Most of the time, it’s a little too difficult to grow up in a twenty-something’s head whose thoughts are constantly going ten thousand miles per minute. Half the time, it’s medicine and the other half, it’s life or some other existential phenomena.

It’s been a trying month but I always believe in God. And, I know that He will hold me up when I’m losing my grip. It’s true: the demons inside are always the hardest to fight. But they’re easily defeated when He’s on my side.

Post-block exam lunch out
Beyond four walls
The art of microbiology
Silence, please.
Gelato (that awkward moment when dessert costs more than dinner)
Perfect long weekend trip companions


I can see your long stare
One seat across from where I am
You’re looking sideways
Hand on your chin
Pensive, waiting
The most handsome

But that’s not all that I can see
Where you burn brightest encompasses
The depth of your eyes
The joy hidden beneath
Your laughter lines

I indulge myself for awhile
In an attempt to memorize your face
Knowing for certain
Some of the best adventures
Are found not in the wild

Taylor Swift’s new music video for her first single, Shake It Off— a win for geeky, awkward girls everywhere

GIT Potpourri

I rarely exit a class halfway but when I do, it’s for good reason. Happy and lovely brunch with inevitably in “our little piece of New York in our hometown.”

Those mornings when you just want to listen to some punk rock
— on Twitter

TGIF: Selfie with Lorene on Mike’s phone

Sub-block exam, whole-day lectures, meetings/practices, school supplies and essentials shopping, waiting in the mall for the others, and finally finally finally, spending some down time and quality dinner with my friends (for Carl’s birthday; Happy Birthday!).

It’s always a Monday well-spent.

Things I Did Today Instead Of Studying

x Not Studying
x Taking naps that I don’t need
x Telling myself that, “we accept the naps we think we deserve.”
x Updating the iOS and restoring my iPod
x And consequently, accidentally, stupidly deleting two years worth of idea notes for future novels, poems, and stories
x Cleaning my room
x Organizing my notes (that I have yet to reread)
x Almost updating the iOS and restoring my iPad
x Harassing my friends online to talk to me on Viber because I lost most of my Contacts
x And a lot more random stuff than I care to admit

Ok, back to my desk bye


For cloudy days, heavy rain, glistening streets, air travel, and the search for the boy with the yellow umbrella. Whether you’re staying in or heading somewhere, always have some sweater weather soundtrack with you.

Scarecrow Alex & Sierra
Bonfire Heart James Blunt
Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood
Silver & Gold Noah & The Whale
You & I John Legend
Seaside The Kooks
Raging Fire Phillip Phillips
Hello My Old Heart The Oh Hellos
Open Road Roo Panes
Landslide Dixie Chicks
First Day Of My Life Bright Eyes
Family Catey Shaw

Listen here x

"Whenever I’m with you, I feel like I don’t always have to chase the sun."

vscocam + Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav

The hungry kid inside got away last weekend.